Investing in precious metals: Physical vs. ETF’s

Investing in precious metals might not be feasible for every investor. The trend over the last two years is not so impressive but they come as a savior when it comes to hedging against inflation. Between gold and Silver, gold might be a better play because of its high stability. Silver does carry a higher risk/reward profile, but acts as a boon for those who want to limit their metal exposure.

Gold IRA Investing

You can hold physical gold in your IRA or 401k plan

Now that the prices of the precious metals have hit an all-time low, there is a food for thought for those who are planning to protect themselves with a Gold IRA Investment. Investing a portion of your retirement portfolio in physical gold, silver and platinum will all but ensure a hedge against economic turmoil and a weakened dollar.  As a matter of fact, timing couldn’t be better if you were wondering – how do Gold IRA Plans work?

A different approach yet, would be to invest in exchange-traded funds or ETF’s. Now, the reason is that these funds trade directly on stock exchanges. Thus, they can accurately track individual commodities. Another advantage with these ETFs is that their annual management fee is much lesser than the traditional mutual funds.

You will find different ETFs for both gold and silver. Such precious metal ETF’s may deck out your financial portfolio, but an intelligent investor always goes with a diversified and low-cost commodities fund. Such a fund would give you a fine exposure to a variety of fields like, energy, agriculture and metals markets. You and your expected returns will no longer depend on to volatile price swings of a particular commodity. Instead, you can play safe as these funds are not as volatile as stock and bond markets.

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Where to invest: Gold or Silver?

It is not just now that the precious metals have taken the center stage. If you look back into the 5000 year history, you’ll find that Gold has has always been adorned by humans. Both Gold and Silver are not only seen as a hedge against inflation but at times, they also appear to be a security blanket from the perspective of  paper scared investors.

There are many people who look forward to investing in Gold and Silver but are apprehensive about their fluctuating prices. Investing wise and also keeping it safe whilst maximizing returns and minimizing losses is sometimes easier said than done.

First and foremost the biggest thing that a beginner should know is the amount of risk that he can take without blowing out his financial future. One can invest in physical or non-physical gold and silver. The decision is obviously made depending on the need. If you are looking to have a protection against hyperinflation or currency collapse, investing in physical metal will be your game.  Placing a part of your IRA or 401k in precious metals, via a gold IRA Rollover, is more accepted now than it has ever been.  Feel free to read reviews of the Top-Rated Gold IRA Investing Companies at Otherwise, we recommend ETF’s to those who are looking for real day to day trading.

Now, the million dollar question is which metal to choose, Gold or Silver? Well, Gold has always been and will always be the universal reserve currency. It is more stable but on the other hand, it is very expensive to invest on. Silver is cheaper and has more growth potential because of its demand in industries.

Lastly, keeping yourself updated about the latest market trends is very crucial. Gold Silverco does the in depth market research and provides you with information that will broaden your scope of strategies and help you take a safe plunge in this gold silver investment!

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